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Language Resources
Free intermediate level practice materials - non-fiction book summaries written and narrated in simpler language for Spanish, French, Chinese, and German.
tuxtrans - a Linux Desktop for Translators - tuxtrans is a Linux System developed for translators on the basis of the widely used distribution (X)Ubuntu. It is a full-fledged operating system and includes a broad collection of software applications which allow a translator to do his/her job most efficiently and in line with the latest standards. tuxtrans is based on free software and open source.
Online Speech Recognition Tool - Free online speech recognition tool that will help you write text with your voice without typing. Speech to text notepad. Transcribe audio file.
The Obscure Translation Project - A website with free reads in English and Polish. Free translations of novels, books, and articles that don't have an official translation.
Poème français traduit - French poem translated into the language of your love (400 languages). True poetry of a french poet, with audio. Love poems in translation hieroglyphs, mayan
TakeLessons-Learn French - Our French resource blog has a ton of great (and free) resources for French students/parents/teachers.
Linguaculture - Multilingual translation news, in particular on translation into English and Italian.
Lost in Oversættelsesbureau - Lost in Oversættelsesbureau is a game that imitates the whispering game that we all know from childhood (although some adults still enjoy this game). The purpose is to show in a fun way how bad machine translation can be and that people should not blindly trust the translations coming out from online translations, etc. This may be stating the obvious, but the creation of this game is purely to have fun! Furthermore, it also shows how important it is to learn a language properly and how important it is to have real human translators. The game is available in 8 languages and here you can try out the Danish version of the game. Have fun and enjoy the hilarious translations!
bab.la language portal - The bab.la language portal offers you dictionary translations, language quizzes & games, vocabulary lessons for learning and much more. bab.la is interactive: You can enter your own translation, create your own language test or your own vocabulary flashcard set. bab.la - Loving Languages!
Должностные инструкции разных профессий - Job descriptions (in Russian) of the positions of manager, accountant, and other professions. It could serve as a translator resource.
Linguists.ru - Resources for translators and linguists
cvc.cervantes.es/aula/el_atril - Online translation workshop for Translators working with English, German, Spanish, and French
www.ethnologue.com - An incredible site covering all the world's languages
www.elcastellano.org - An excellent page with resources related to Castillian (and Argentinian) Spanish; Argentinian-Spanish dictionary
www.cervantes.es - Resources for teachers of the Spanish language
Le Point du FLE - A web directory which aims to facilitate access to the best free resources of French (and other languages) offered on the Internet.
Le français dans le monde - A magazine and a web-site dear to the heart of the French language teachers
UzTranslations - First educational multilingual portal for language addicts, which contains tons of free audio, video and electronic materials on any language of the world.
Other links
The Coronation (A Covid19 essay) - Maybe the most important essay to our world at this very moment
Francesc Oretó is a pseudonym of Jordi Rodríguez-Amat - Francesc Oretó is a Translation for Progress translator: https://translationsforprogress.org/showTransl.php?id=6433
Peeagogy.org Resource for Self-organizing Self-learner - This project seeks to empower the worldwide population of self-motivated learners who use digital media to connect with each other, to co-construct knowledge of how to co-learn. Co-learning is ancient; the capacity for learning by imitation and more, to teach others what we know, is the essence of human culture. We are human because we learn together.
NEA XALKIDAS - News from Chalkida on Evia Island
Политическая карта мира - A set of maps of the world - geographical, interactive, physical, satellite and political maps of the world.
Katharine Gun - The translator who nearly stopped the war
KidsRgreen.org - This "Green" Website is an interactive website for children who love exploring, enquiring, investigating and discovering the world we live in. This exclusive online monthly environmental magazine has many interesting features. Spaceship Earth is a regular feature in every issue. Each one talks about an interesting aspect of our planet earth. Key points supported by illustrations help to explore different environments, plant and animal life, and learn about systems that support the rich life on earth. In the Green Games section, children can "logon" and play games that not just challenge skills and abilities but set one thinking, and at the end convey an environmental message. The Let's Do It! section gives simple do-it-yourself activity ideas. Children can do them on their own, or with friends. The Celebrate a Day section has a calendar of environmentally significant days, giving a brief history or background of why the day is observed including some ideas for activities that would help anyone to observe these days with in school or with family and friends. The Krg Club is a forum where children can share poems, paintings and thoughts on the environment. It is a chance to let other children in the world know more about oneself and what one does to improve the environment. The Green Gifts section has attractive downloadable offers. How exciting to select designs for personalized stationery like letterheads, visiting cards, and bookmarks. There is something new in every issue. KidsRgreen is a window to become part of a greener world. And it is just a click away!
Online Dictionaries and Translators
Englishspanish.org - English -> spanish, spanish -> english dictionary, spell-checking tool, automatic translation.
GTS Free Translation Services - Website provides free translation between over 30 languages, and free web page translation from English into four Western languages with the possibility of online post-editing.
Glosbe - the multilingual online dictionary - Free dictionaries for almost every existing language and translation memory with 1 013 284 995 sentences included.
WorldLingo Website Translator - To provide multilingual content on a website. The WorldLingo Website Translator service can help to broaden exposure by providing a fast and economical way to translate your website content in up to 32 languages.
Kanji Files - It can be quite helpful for Japanese-English translators to have some Kanji lists to remind them the meaning of a Kanji or how to read it.
Русско-английский словарь и языковой портал - bab.la is a free collaborative English-Russian dicitonary with hundreds of thousands of translations, synonyms, grammar, voice output, regional and colloquial expressions.
logos dictionary - Online multilingual addable dictionary of synonyms
www.elmundo.es/diccionarios - Spanish dictionary of synonyms and antonyms and a Spanish-English and Spanish-French dictionary.
www.rae.es - The official dictionary of the Real Academia Española. Excellent Spanish language resources.
www.pons.de - German <-> English, Polish, Latin, Italian, Spanish, and more
UzTranslations' downloads - Lots of free dictionaries and e-books to download
www.freedict.com - English <-> African, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish
Czech-English Dictionary - Specialized medical dictionary from the area of molecular biology: DNA sequencing, protein and enzyme diagnostics
ABBYY Lingvo - Online translator between 20 major languages
Atlas.cz dictionaries - Czech <-> English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian
Dictionary.com - English Dictionary & Thesaurus, Translator (MS; among 42 languages)
www.dictionnaire.com - French dictionary
www.granddictionnaire.com - French dictionary of the Quebec Office of the French language
www.uned.es/catedraunesco-ead/Diccionarios_traductores.htm - A selection of online dictionaries, translators and encyclopedias on many themes and in many languаges (catalán, valencià, balear, gallego, quichua, taino, ...).
iate.europa.eu - A single database for all EU-related terminology (InterActiveTerminology for Europe) in 23 languages.
On-line dictionaries by Ectaco - English <-> 42 languages
Словари онлайн от Эктако - Russian <-> English/French/German
Buscapalabra diccionario de sinónimos y antónimos - El mayor diccionario de sinónimos y antónimos que existe en lengua española
Language courses
Frenchplanations.com - Online French-learning resource for French learners of all levels - some of them are free.
Learn French online - Learn French online with a real tutor, audio vocabulary, video, games.
Online Spanish Phrases - Spanish Phrases with audio that can used in many real-life situations
2Bdutch (to be Dutch) - 2BDutch is an easy and fun way to learn more about Dutch language and culture. Our videos with multiple subtitles can be used to practice your listening comprehension skills and learn new Dutch words. Or just get more information about the Netherlands. 2BDutch is a community. We are also looking for translators ...
French and Spanish Online for Free - Learn French (and Spanish, Portuguese and Italian) online for free with mp3 files and a lot of games
Mango - Beta release of eleven shockwave flash Internet language learning courses. Each language course has 100 lessons available.
Mansionspanish - Online Spanish Course - Free Multimedia Spanish Course. Using audiovisual material the course has been specifically designed for self study integrating sound, image and text to maximise your enjoyment while learning Spanish.
www.lingolex.com/spanish.htm - Online Spanish Courses
Polar FLE (polarfle.com) - Learn and study French online
LexiqueFLE.free.fr - Website dedicated to people who study or learn French online. You will learn vocabulary through click and play activities.
MOddou FLE (estudiodefrances.com) - Games, activities, exercises for children to learn French online
Deutsche Welle - Online German courses
curso-de-aleman.de - Online German courses for Spanish speakers
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Related projects
PerMondo volunteer translation project - Set up by translators, is designed for all philanthropists, idealists and volunteers. It is also aimed at translators who may be starting out, continuing their career or re-starting completely. Of course, this website is also for anyone else with a desire to stand up and do something for others.
The Tongues Foundation - A clearing house for volunteer translators, idealists and philanthropists in Uganda. Its main objective is to help non-profit organizations or initiatives, by translating and or transcribing texts or websites free of charge.
The Rosetta Foundation - helps to connect language volunteers with non-profit organisations that work with under-served communities. Together with these organisations it aims to create access to language services that were previously unavailable to linguistically marginalised communities.
[babels] - An international network of volunteer interpreters and translators whose main objective is to cover the interpreting needs of the Social Forums.
Translation and Activism: Emerging Patterns of Narrative Community - Essay by Mona Baker. In: Translation, Resistance, Activism, Ed. Maria Tymoczko, Univ of Massachusetts Press, 2010, pp. 23-41. Outline of the narrative framework within which the work of communities of translators and interpreters involved in social and political agendas may be explained and critiqued.
VolunteerMatch - Online service bringing good people and good causes together
Translation and Conflict: A Narrative Account - Book by Mona Baker. It demonstrates that translators and interpreters participate in circulating as well as resisting the narratives that create the intellectual and moral environment for violent conflict.
Translators Without Borders - provide free translations to humanitarian organizations
American Literary Translators Association - A non-profit organization in its 31st year of existence focuses on and promotes translating foreign literature into the English language. We are based at the University of Texas at Dallas.
Translation, Interpreting and Social Activism - 1st International Forum, University of Granada, Spain, 28-30 April 2007
Translators for Peace - Translators for Peace is an association bringing together translators and interpreters of all countries and nationalities. It opposes war and promotes professionalism among translators and interpreters to advance peace, and dialogue between different languages, cultures, ethnicities, and religions.
Translators and Interpreters Peace Network - Translators' Manifesto for Peace and Human Rights: Yes to translation, no to war
Free Website Localization - Collaborative translation project to help webmasters get free multilingual versions of their web sites. Users can manage, coordinate and exchange website translations online.
EuroCV Project - A place to post (free) European style resumes for translators
NGO and Development Links
Technology Exchange Lab - Platform where the global community can share and discuss innovative, locally implemented solutions to problems of poverty and sustainability.
castor.divergences.be - Website in French and German to spread information about, and exchange information among, the anti-nuclear and non-violent movements. For lack of translators most texts are published only in their original language.
Global Voices Online - Global Voices is a community of more than 500 bloggers and translators around the world who work together to bring you reports from blogs and citizen media everywhere, with emphasis on voices that are not ordinarily heard in international mainstream media.
Peace Brigades - Promoting nonviolence and protecting human rights defenders since 1981
Habitat International Coalition - Global network for the right to habitat and social justice
Peace365 - Our mission is to petition the United Nations for the extension of the existing Resolution adopted by the General Assembly 55/282. International Day of Peace to include the remaining 365 days of the year.
The Alliance for Conflict Transformation - Innovative non-profit organization expanding the knowledge and practice of conflict transformation within the U.S. and international communities.
www.seu.ru - International Socio-Environmental Union
The Communications Initiative - Space to share, debate and advance effective communication for development progress.