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Registration consists of two steps. First, fill in the form bellow and click on the Register button. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail message to verify your contact e-mail address. To complete the registration process, follow the instructions contained in this e-mail message. When completed, your profile page will open, and you will be able to enter additional information - the language combinations you can translate, your Skype Name and/or EuroCV P.A.C, subscribe to TfP Newsletter and/or matching translation tasks notifications. You can update your personal profile at any time in the future after logging in to the Translations for Progress.

Preferably, only the Latin alphabet should be used for all entries below with the exception of your name and resume, where you can use (a combination of) any scripts that you think your target audience will be able to read. For example, you could enter your name both in the Latin alphabet and in the original script (Sergey Moshkov and Сергей Мошков).

Your password must be at least 6 characters long. It can contain letters, numbers, _, - and $.

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